ICE-BREAKER: the 1972 Summit Series

ICE-BREAKER: THE ’72 SUMMIT SERIES DOCUMENTARY Director: Robbie Hart Producers: Peter Raymont, Steve Ord, Stephen Paniccia Editor: Ania Smolenskaia


PING APPAREL – LADIES CONTENT Director: Jonny Ruff Producer: Owen Cox Editor: Ania Smolenskaia


WOMAN – ALLMAN BROWN MUSIC VIDEO Director: Dave Waldman Producer: Kira Gilmore Linton Editor: Ania Smolenskaia

Higher Ground<br>short

HIGHER GROUND SHORT Director: Ania Smolenskaia Co-Director: Will Ingham Producer: Jenny Collins Editors: Ania Smolenskaia, Holly Denny, Will Ingham

Nespresso<br>Joost Arijs

JOOST ARIJS CONTENT Client: Nespresso Agency: WING London Director: Matthias LeBeer Producer: Nick Hopkins Editor: Ania Smolenskaia